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We note all suggestions when making orders, however, all wishes cannot be fullfilled. We are using a active wishlist and add the most wanted products to our assortment where possible. Therefore a product you have suggested might be added to our assortment some time after you have made the suggestion. Some most often requested products we are unable to import due to their storing regulations or the EU legislation. These products include ie. Hostess Twinkies & Hot Tamales. More details below.

"Can't Get Won't Get"

We have received a lot of requests for products that are not possible for us to acquire. Importing and selling of items that are not food products lies outside our area of business. This eliminates items such as detergents, magazines and cooking utensils from our selection. In the future we might change to include these kinds of items in our selection, but they are currently beyond the scope of our focus.

Certain food items are also not possible to acquire: These include most meat products (due to incompatibilities between US and EU legislations on animal products), products with short shelf lives and items with restrictions on distribution networks by the manufacturer, for example Jelly Belly Birtie Botts. We are working on ways to overcome some of these obstacles. In some cases we have already succeeded. For instance, we have found a brand of American Beef Jerky approved by the EU.

We are also choosing not to import products containing alcohol, because excessive red tape is involved. Products intended for special diets, such as low-carbohydrate specialty products are considered medicinal in the EU. Such products involve laboratory testing to validate the health-benefits the products are claimed to have.